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Got a Bounce in Your Floor? Use IBS 2000® Industrial Bridging.

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Welcome to Luxor Industrial Corporation.  Luxor develops, manufactures, and markets innovative wood building components for the construction of floor and wall systems in residential and light commercial buildings.

Effective planning is crucial to the successful completion of any project.Before starting the project, our team of experts will first assess your goals.  Then we provide you with an estimate and time-line for completion dons. 

Interlocking Bridging System (IBS) is engineered bridging – it controls bounce and vibration in floors. A row of IBS interlocks all the joists together, resulting in a solid and stiff floor assembly-a better performing floor with increased span.

IBS’s contribution to floor performance has been approved in Canada by CCMC.

IBS’s design flexibility can provide the lowest cost alternative and always results in stiffer floors. IBS is ideal to use in common problem areas such as long span rooms, active living areas, floors with tile or stone toppings, kitchen islands and in dining areas that are prone to rattling china/glassware.

It is not necessary for a Designer/Builder to “throw more wood at the floor” to get a better floor. Increasing joist depth, decreasing on-center spacing or increasing flange width only marginally increases floor performance. In today’s “Go Green” environment IBS provides design flexibility to build a better floor-decreasing joist depth, increasing on-center spacing and decreasing flange-width.  Typically, a floor built with IBS uses 20 – 25% less fiber compared to conventional floor configurations.

A floor built with IBS is usually less expensive than a conventional floor as less joist material is used-for example, an original sawn lumber 2×12 [depth] floor design can be optimized by using IBS to drop down to a 2×10 floor design (or 2×10 to 2×8). An original I-Joist 2×4 flange floor design can be optimized using IBS to drop down to a 2×3 flange. An original 12″ on-center spacing design can be optimized using IBS to increase on-center spacing to 16″ (or 16″ to 19.2″ ) with the same joists. Each example results in savings in material costs and/or longer spans with equivalent performance.

Using IBS is by far the lowest cost alternative and simplest method to retrofit any poor performing floor.

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